Scholarship Information

What we offer
The Scholarship offers an opportunity for young people to pursue post-graduate studies at an accredited university outside of Hong Kong. The Scholarship will enable young people to deepen their knowledge in the subjects of STEM; Healthcare (inclusive of public health and mental health); and/or Arts and Music.
You will gain international exposure, and access to a network of exceptional peers and thought leaders on subjects that could enhance your ability in positively impacting community.
Each Scholar will receive a grant up to HK$300,000 per year. The applicant is required to submit a proposal on how funds will be spent. The grant can be applied to tuition and/or other expenses.
The maximum duration of the scholarship is two years. Renewal is contingent on academic performance and submission of progress report.

Assessment criteria

Your Purpose and Values
Problem comprehension
(What do you care about?)
Clearly defines a social/ economic/ environmental challenge, its ecosystem and root causes with data and evidence provided
Problem significance
(Why do you care?)
Demonstrates that this is a significant problem to the community, with data and evidence supporting thesis
Vision statement
(What do you wish to change?)
Articulates vision for the future, the change required at the individual, community, and system level, and how the course fit into his/her vision
Impact to Society
(How will your change deliver positive impact?)
Proposed vision has potential in solving identified social/
economic/environmental issue
Personal attributes
Persuasion and influence
Asks the right questions, clear in messaging, engages interviewers, able to assess audience and adapt while remaining assertive on topic and promote idea with logical reasons
Critical thinking
Structured in problem solving, logical in approach, understands potential biases, and demonstrate ability in seeking relevant information to inform decisions
Self-aware and committed to continuous improvement
Learns from past experiences, aware of skills/ learning gaps, and have a clear learning plan to take things forward
Demonstrates integrity, self-confidence, and self-motivation
Leadership and commitment
Shows energy, passion and optimism in driving change and innovation; have track record in taking action to address community needs
Personal attributes
Academic background
Performs well currently in subjects that are relevant to the proposed course of study
Quality of the chosen program
Reputable at accredited university, and clear in explaining rationale for selecting the proposed programme
Credible referee, able to cite specific examples teaching/ working with applicant
Financial management
Fiscal management
Demonstrates ability in managing funds, and allocates grant funds prudently
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