About The Founder

The Chang Group is founded by Tan Chang, the youngest son of Jackson Chang and Suzy Wang. The Chang family is an Indonesian Chinese family, Tan’s parents are born in Indonesia and returned back to China for their high-school and university studies. They went through the up and downs in China in the 1960’s and eventually found their way to Hong Kong where they started everything from scratch. Working tirelessly with their hands they overcame hurdles with their strong will. They worked in multiple jobs and industries and finally founded their own real estate business in Hong Kong and Macau, providing a nurturing and open environment for their three children Wang, Wen and Tan.

Tan Chang was born when the Chang family started to find their footing in the rapidly growing city of Hong Kong. He witnessed the family going from the humble background of living in farm houses in Sheung Shui to moving into modern high-rises in the mid levels step by step as the family prospered. He studied in Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and Los Angeles US, graduating in Business Administration and Music. His wide spectrum of interests in business, art and culture has helped him to view the global business world in a different point of view that eventually helped him to stand out in the industry that he has entered. He has co founded electronic casinos in Macau and a music label in Hong Kong that is known worldwide.
In each business that he started he always put the users first and put out products that surpass the industry standard and provide the customers outstanding experiences. He believes strongly in investing in people, from the customers to the team working behind all the businesses he’s involved in. His humble up-bringing is a living blueprint for him to understand hard-work and critical thinking which goes hand in hand in order to create results, he’s also grateful for the development and freedom he was given since he was young. Therefore he wants to help the Chang family to extend the opportunities to more youngsters that could realise their dreams and ambitions with the additional help of the Chang Group Scholarship.

“It would be my pleasure and honour to help you to reach out and fly high!” Tan Chang
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