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The Scholarship

Young people are at the heart of powering sustainable growth and creating lasting change. The Chang Group Scholarship supports future leaders committed to pursuing careers that could have a transformative impact on society.
The Scholarship supports young people aged 30 and below in pursuing post-graduate degree at an accredited university outside of Hong Kong. Through this Scholarship, we aim to cultivate young people’s ability to work across cultures and sectors, to think globally and act locally, and encourage them to pursue their passion, chart their own paths, and make a lasting impact on communities they serve.
The Scholarship supports young people seeking to deepen their knowledge in the following disciplines that are integral to development:
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
inclusive of public health and mental health
musical performance, composition, and production
diverse field of study
The Scholarship will enable emerging leaders to deepen their knowledge, and strengthen their abilities through a cross-cultural experience. The ultimate goal of the scholarship programme is to create a community of innovative, responsible and passionate leaders who are committed to enhancing the quality of life in the communities they serve.

What we offer

The Scholarship offers an opportunity for young people to pursue post-graduate studies at an accredited university outside of Hong Kong. The Scholarship will enable young people to deepen their knowledge in the subjects of STEM; Healthcare (inclusive of public health and mental health); and/or Arts and Music.
You will gain international exposure, and access to a network of exceptional peers and thought leaders on subjects that could enhance your ability in positively impacting community.
Each Scholar will receive a grant up to HK$300,000 per year. The applicant is required to submit a proposal on how funds will be spent. The grant can be applied to tuition and/or other expenses.
The maximum duration of the scholarship is two years. Renewal is contingent on academic performance and submission of progress report.

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Who we look for

Young people aged 30 or below, who are self-motivated, committed to contributing to society, and possess attributes that will enable them to translate their ideas into action. We look for applicants who are keen to catalyse solutions to address complex societal challenges such as climate change, economic inequalities or discriminative practices. The assessment criteria offer further guidance on the attributes that we look for.
Applicants should have foundational knowledge in one (or more) of the following subjects and are seeking to pursue post-graduate studies in these fields: STEM, Healthcare, Arts and Music

Applicants enrolled in dual-degree programmes are welcome to apply.
Applicants should be Hong Kong residents.
Applicants should be full-time students in their final year of studies at an undergraduate degree programme at a university in Hong Kong.
Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.4 out of a 4-point scale (or an equivalence of an average grade of B+).
Applicants must be able to communicate effectively in English.
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